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28 June 2022
Rotterdam, Netherlands
ERF Matchmaking 2022

Welcome to the matchmaking platform for European Robotics Forum 2022!

Meet the particpants of the European Robotics Forum and discuss initial ideas for collaboration,  meet potential new partners and share experience!

It is our pleasure to invite all particpants of the European Robotics Forum (ERF2022) to particpate as an attendee in our ERF matchmaking event. This matchmaking event, hosted by Enterprise Europe Network and euRobotics, will take place on 28 June 2022, the first day of the ERF2022.


The matchmaking platform offers all visitors, delegations ánd exhibitors the possibility to prepare and announce themselves and book other participants for 1:1 meetings. The B2B matchmaking will be on-site on and you have the option to schedule meetings of 20 minutes with counterparts, a unique opportunity for you to make international contacts and to explore new markets. 

Date: 28 June 2022
Time: 10.00 AM - 16.00 PM

Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center

Meetingroom Dock 6

What can you expect?

  • Meet engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as end-users and policy makers in the field of robotics from all over Europe and beyond to dicsuss initial ideas for collaboration and share experiences;
  • Have 20 minutes pre-scheduled meetings with a variety of participants of your choice;
  • Combination of an international fair, 3-day forum with interactive workshops, Academic contributions and interesting side-events;

How to join?

By registering on this B2Match platform you can pre-schedule meetings with other participants. 

Organisations who seek partners for the following Horizon Europe funding opportunities are encouraged to register for the matchmaking.

  • DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-05: AI, Data and Robotics for Industry optimization
  • DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-06: Pushing the limit of physical intelligence and performance
  • DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-07: Increased robotics capabilities demonstrated in key sectors
  • CL5-2022-D2-01-03: Furthering the development of a materials acceleration platform for sustainable batteries
  • HUMAN-02-01: AI for human empowerment
  • INFRA-01-02: Autonomous systems used for infrastructure protection

    It is free of charge to participate in the matchmaking
    . However it is mandatory to purchase a ticket for the European Robotics Forum 2022. A ticket for ERF2022 is needed to get access to the venue. Please purchase your ticket here.

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    Location Ahoy Convention Center Rotterdam, Meetingroom Dock 6
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